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Search, Discovery and Findability Solutions

Finding the right information was never easier

Every business today is armed with knowledge assets which can be utilized by the entire organization. However, many businesses and knowledge workers take information for granted. That’s the exact reason businesses have not built systems where this vast repository of information can be accessed easily. Those that have built it face a problem of another kind – the problem of plenty! The have so much information on hand that it can be overwhelming to find the right piece of information.

This inability to search, discover and find information on time comes at a steep cost for organizations. While you may not realize this, you are losing out on profits on accounts of time spent on searching for information, cost of rebuilding the information and opportunity cost of the entire process. In fact, it is estimated that organizations stand to lose out on close to $20 million and even more due to inefficient access to information.

Additionally, search is going beyond search now. It is moving towards an exciting discovery era where you get to view content that is relevant to you and helps connect with your colleagues better. Through machine learning technologies, users are getting predictive information based on history and relevance. Search is employing discovery, recommendations and graph of relationships among other patterns.

Industry leaders are those that have implemented in premium search, discovery and findability solutions at their organization. It is in the interest of your business to employ the best information-finding tools and make it easy for your workers to access them. Improved search, discovery and findability solutions can offer a range of benefits to your business. You can improve sales, enhance productivity and take better business decisions with such tools at your disposal.

We at e-Zest understand the value of information and can help you make the most out of search and search-based applications. We are highly optimistic about the power of SharePoint search and Office Delve for your business. We can infuse exciting search capabilities into your business through SharePoint and Delve. Apart from providing powerful search capabilities, we can build search solutions that are user-friendly, fast and easy to administer. We develop responsive SharePoint search and metadata services for users. We can also help implement Office Delve for your business. Delve also offers Delve Analytics which gives you real-time insights on your work, tracks progress and improves your efficiency.

To get started with search, discovery and findability solutions on SharePoint and Office Delve, get in touch at info@e-zest.com.

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