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Enterprise Social Strategy Consulting Services

Leveraging your internal stakeholders

Social media is changing the way organizations go about their business. It has completely disrupted the traditional realms of business communication and brought about a completely new language of interaction with stakeholders. While organizations focus on external stakeholders and customers and more popular social networks, they should not lose sight of their more immediate stakeholders – employees.

Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) which is a social network for the employees of a company is increasingly becoming a norm at the workplace. Think of tools such as Yammer which have fostered collaboration at the workplace and made it easy to exchange ideas and information among an increasingly mobile workforce. ESNs also provide organization-level analytics and helps businesses take better business decisions.

Enterprises which embrace social media whole heartedly and make it an active part of their organizational strategy can reap rich dividends. Actively engaging with employees can make employees brand loyalists who in turn will become brand advocates and further your business reach within their own networks. It can greatly enhance employee engagement and lead to improved product and service delivery due to collaboration. It helps enterprises stay competitive, retain the best channels and open newer avenues of productivity.

While businesses recognize this changing trend, they are yet to form a coherent enterprise social strategy. Some organizations have dabbled with social technology automation but have not been able to utilize the employee data that comes out of it.

That is why at e-Zest offer dedicated enterprise social strategy consulting services. We can help build a strategic roadmap for building a dedicated enterprise social network which can re-imagine communication within your organization. e-Zest can also help you utilize mobile integration tools for your social technology automation.

Moreover, Microsoft SharePoint can also come in very handy if you are thinking of implementing an enterprise social strategy. Many third party tools can be integrated and deployed in your own environment with SharePoint. We fully recommend SharePoint for all your enterprise social needs.

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