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Hospital Information System (HIS) is a solution for hospitals to get a unified view of data extracted from various data sources and departments, and provides diverse data view to different users.

This system faces a unique challenge, as data in various hospitals utilize varying data formats, and not every feature of the application is relevant for every hospital. The current business need is to develop a solution that can be packaged dynamically for different hospitals. The enterprise demand for the developed features: pay as-per-the-need.

OSGi Framework provides an answer for such business scenarios. The OSGi Framework is a powerful and rigidly specified class-loading model. The OSGi technology provides the standardized primitives that allow applications to be constructed from small, reusable and collaborative components. These components can be composed into an application and deployed.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

The global healthcare industry is constantly dealing with changes due to new research findings, medical technologies and business models. As the industry grows and evolves, the importance of configurable systems to manage and integrate clinical information becomes more relevant. A HIS that can keep pace with the changing trends is the most efficient way to offer powerful combination of healthcare solutions and services.

In response to an increased demand of HIS, e-Zest reenergized its focus to keep pace with the changing trends to offer a powerful combination of healthcare solutions and services.

OSGi – as a solution framework

The OSGi Framework provides the standardized specifications that allow applications to be constructed from small, reusable and collaborative components. These components are highly cohesive and loosely coupled. Each component can be individually developed, tested, deployed, updated, and managed with minimal or impact on other components. The components can be composed into an application and deployed.

Our on demand Healthcare OSGi solution

e-Zest’s processes include building simplified cross-referenced OSGi solution, ensuring high levels of business-application understanding. We help to successfully execute OSGi based Healthcare projects. Our experience ranges from source code migration to green field development. e-Zest has a dedicated Healthcare unit, a team of people with deep Industry experience of enterprise OSGi framework. We have catered the Healthcare space, developing application deals with extraction and visualization of data from different file formats.

e-Zest’s OSGi technology services benefit from improved time-to-market and reduced development costs and provide the integration of pre-built and pre-tested component subsystems. Help reduces maintenance costs and advances unique new aftermarket opportunities.

We utilized OSGi framework to provide our client solutions for pertinent issues in HIS, as explained below:

Easy incorporation of new file formats

Enterprises may have varying file formats, from which data needs to be extracted and visualized at a later time. Our designed application is flexible enough to incorporate new data extraction & visualization logic for a new file format.

OSGi solution for easy incorporation

Our designed application, using OSGi framework, has a bundle per file format for data extraction and data visualization. New file formats are easily incorporated. The new bundles not have any impact on existing code.

Hot deployment & distribution of code for new file formatsThe application works in real time and server down time is a critical factor impacting design decisions. As per the business need, it should be possible to deploy new code developed for a new file format without server restart. Also distribute the new code at other client installations without impacting existing deployment.

OSGi solution for deployment & distribution of code

e-Zest’s OSGi framework solution helps create bundles for a new file format, can be distributed across client installations. Also can be hot deployed without requiring server restart.

Packaging of code based on functionalities for a client installationThe application is to be developed as a product and it should be easy to package the relevant code base on functionalities to be deployed for a client installation. Also it should be possible to add new functionalities to an existing client installation without requiring server restart

OSGi solution for packaging of code

The application designed, using OSGi framework is highly modular and loosely coupled. Each functionality is composed of a group of bundles. These bundles interact with each other without impacting other bundles of the application. For a client installation relevant bundles can be packaged together based on functionalities to be delivered. If new/ updated code is to be deployed, relevant bundles can be deployed at client environment.

e-Zest works on emerging technologies and solutions based on OSGi component framework & enterprise OSGi specification. For more information on e-Zest’s OSGi framework expertise please email info@e-zest.com.

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