The protection of vital information assets forms the crux of the e-Zest Enterprise Security Management Services.

The e-Zest services are designed to address the entire lifecycle of the information security from design and deployment, to management and continuous audits. The e-Zest security management services will keep the client’s network available 24 x 7 resulting in lowered security operations costs, better performance and best-in-class service levels.

e-Zest is adept at providing gateway level security under Security Management Services form Hackers, Trojans, Malwares, Adware’s, Spywares, Spamming, Phishing, Viruses etc. and maintains your network for trouble free. It incorporates software and devices to protect your data from theft, damage and misuse.

Its Security Management Services are delivered round the clock from our Security Operations Center and adheres to ISO 27001 standards and ensure your IT infrastructure is secured round-the-clock through our proactive monitoring and security incident management mechanism.

The e-Zest Service Offerings Include:

  • Enterprise Virus Protection
  • Monitoring and Alert Response
  • Managed Firewall/ VPN/ IDS/IPS Solutions
  • Firewall Policy Changes
  • Device Configuration Backups
  • Vulnerability Advisory Services
  • E-mail Security Management
  • Web Security Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • End Point Security Management
  • The e-Zest holistic approach integrates policies, guidelines, responses and proactive as well as reactive measures for various risks.
  • Takes care of not only computer security threats but also to any risks that may affect an organization’s core business including -
    • External security threats
    • Internal sabotage or security threats
    • Failed software development or system processes
    • Deliberate or inadvertent mistakes made by employees

The e-Zest methodology:

  1. Includes -  People
    • Educate employees
    • Train employees
  2. Takes into account – Business Processes
    • Streamlining processes
    • Trying to use common resources for which risk analysis has been done
  3. Focuses on Information/Data
    • Providing checks for authorization and authentication
    • Providing access to only people who should have it
    • Eliminating redundancy of important data
  4. Concentrates on Facilities
    • May include physical security
    • Devise contingency plans
  5. Includes Technology
    • Leveraging technology to provide solutions
    • Determining what tools can be used for defending, responding and analyzing security threats

With e-Zest, organizations can achieve ESM in a scientific and well planned manner with great success!