Knowledge management has always been a critical need for businesses. Proposals, contracts, agreements, whitepapers, process documents and other documents are all very essential for business success. The increasing digitization coupled with the sheer volume of these documents has generated the need for an efficient knowledge management system.

e-Zest brings to you a powerful knowledge management system called IRIS which gets the right things for you at the right time. It helps you keep track and manage your business-critical content efficiently. Moreover, it is a great tool for collaboration enabling remote teams and employees to work together seamlessly.

IRIS offers the following important features for your business:

  • Easy Setup and Configuration – Setting up and configuring IRIS for business is a breeze.
  • Smooth integration – IRIS can be easily integrated with your existing enterprise systems.
  • Security – Through profiles, roles and permissions, IRIS keeps your knowledge documents secure.
  • Track documents – Version control allows you to keep track on the progress of your documents very easily.
  • Easily customizable – IRIS is very friendly to new features allowing easy customization. Easy administration ensures that IRIS fits in perfectly with your business!
  • Analytics – IRIS can track user level activities and document level activities such as visits and modifications.
  • Easy organization – Makes sure that you do not waste precious man hours looking around for content. Finding the right content though efficient search, filters and tag cloud is extremely convenient with IRIS.
  • Collaboration – IRIS allows authorized users to retrieve and work on documents. Thanks to access provided to multiple users and a collaborative platform to remove the distance-induced bottlenecks, the end result is a comprehensive one.

IRIS helps businesses develop a valuable repository of business content. This, in turn, improves their decision making capabilities and enables knowledge creation. It generates more productivity, savings, faster sales cycles and shorter time to market. Organizations can also employ IRIS to manage their wikis and blogs. The platform is capable of incorporating all the requirements in a flash.

Use IRIS to drive your business today. To experience the product, get in touch with us at