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Tabit solutions for Sales Productivity

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Take your product learning to Sales people for effective selling

How many times you get all the information about product you intent to purchase when you visit the retail outlet? In most cases, people research on internet, take feedback from friends/users and visit the retailer only to make actual purchase.

“The well-trained sales force with ready access to production knowledge is invaluable assets to enterprises”. In the last few years, product companies have spent significantly to create learning content for sales aids, reference materials, product manuals, trainings, qualification checklists for training sales people so that they can represent the organization to potential clients. They believed to enhance the sales skillset and business opportunities with such presentations, training videos, product manuals etc. However the reality is all such digital content remains unutilized and unproductive nicely situating itself in organizational document or knowledge management system.

CEO’s and Sales heads find it difficult to justify the budgets spent on creating such enormous amount of learning content and yet not see any tangible outcome. Till now, the solution to such problem was largely sought from making the product brochures, presentations and manuals available however the availability of learning material cannot ensure the actual learning and application of such learning on the job.

The biggest missing link in the approach was delivery of the product information in Interactive, Visual, Guided and Modular way. The way exactly the sales people should engage the end clients and use the information in most effective way for sales conversion.

TABit, our tablet (iOS and Android) based learning solution provides immediate, individualized access to the full range of information, guidance and assistance which through data, images, videos, animations, presentations and other tools to workforce. TABit makes the learning on the job with minimal support and intervention by others. You can empower the sales force while they engage clients with detail product information in interactive and guided way. The solution provides Intuitive User Interface, Guided Flow, Hot spot based navigation, engaging experience and provides an opportunity for you to channelize the existing digital learning/training content.

Learn how an automobile manufacturing company is using TABit for on the job sales conversions and meetings –

Sales support application for on-job sales staff to engage clients and provide detail information to potential clients. App provides easy to acquire and demonstrate product readily available on mobile devices. Stepwise guidance for complete configuration/set-up, Indexed approach for quick reference and Hot-spot based easy navigation with intuitive user interface.

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