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Tabit solution for Travel and Tourism

Helping you develop rich, easy-to-manage mobile apps

Give a visual tour to potential travellers

How many times you get call from potential travellers requesting for tour package information given the fact that most of the information is available on your website? Do you feel that you are losing business because you aren’t able to provide tour information in an effective way to potential clients? In most cases, travellers research on internet, take feedback from friends and reach out to tour operators to find out more about the packages available. How about giving travellers a complete visual tour?

“The well-trained sales representatives with ready access to tour packages information are invaluable assets to tour operators”. Tour operators have spent significantly to create websites, mobile websites, tour brochures, reference materials, advertisements etc. to enable sales representatives. All such digital content remains unutilized and unproductive because it’s static and does not engage the client in anyway.

The biggest missing link in the approach was delivery of the tour information in Interactive, Visual, Guided and Modular way. The way exactly the tour sales representative should engage the end clients and use the information in most effective way for sales conversion.

TABit, our tablet (iOS & Android) based solution provides immediate, individualized access to the full range of information, guidance and assistance which through data, images, videos, animations, presentations. TABit makes the delivery of information simple and in an explorative interactive way. You can empower the sales force while they engage clients with detail products information in interactive and guided way. The solution provides Intuitive User Interface, Guided Flow, Hot spot based navigation, engaging experience and provides an opportunity for you to channelize the existing digital content.

What are you waiting for? TABit your tour information to provide visual tour to potential travellers!

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