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Data Scientist

  • pyspark
  • Tensorflow
  • Big Data

We are looking for Data Scientist with 2-3 years in python development for Machine Learning models.

  • Develop & Deploy machine learning algorithms using Python
  • Research and develop efficient and robust machine learning algorithms for particular use cases
  • Ability to use Python and Spark, ML libraries for data cleansing, feature engineering, modelling and deployment
  • Experience in working with multiple data types and databases- Numerical, Time-series, Structured, non-Structured and Semi-Structured
  • Produce meaningful presentations and analyses that tell a “story” that effectively communicate results and concepts to key decision makers both within E-zest and for client companies
  • Work and collaborate closely cross-functionally with domain experts to identify gaps and structural problems
  • Experience with working on public cloud systems like AWS / Azure
  • Education: Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree having experience in Data Science/ AI development
  • Must Skills: Hands-on experience in Python development and implementation in big data infrastructure, effective communication with the business side
  • Desired Skills: Pyspark, Tensorflow
  • NLP -Advance - Word embedding, LDA, Knowledge Graph, Word Association, Advance PoS, Grammar extraction, Auto-Classification, Similarities, Summarization, Basic Q and A Bot Frameworks
  • Experience with Recommendations systems and reinforcement learning
  • Have strong experience in working with Big Data (large data sets) using distributed systems. Example, Apache Spark, Apache Drill, MapReduce, etc

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