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RWD Services using JS Frameworks and Java

Design your experience for the device-savvy customer

Think about how often you come across a website that doesn’t offer a great experience on your smartphone? Would you visit the site again? Probably not! This tells you about the shelf-life of websites which are not immersive. At a time when ‘battle of the eyeballs’ is a hard-fought one, your business website may win or lose within the first five seconds of the user landing on your page.

Thankfully, controlling this aspect comes easy with e-Zest’s Responsive Website Design (RWD) services. e-Zest helps your business deliver an immersive website experience to the users irrespective of the devices. The technology magically adapts itself to the browser in which it is being viewed so you are in complete control of your website.

Since most business users access your website content from 2-3 different devices, it is imperative that you deliver a consistent experience. Not only does RWD take care of this, it eliminates the need to design, develop and maintain a separate mobile website. RWD also works through CSS media queries which your manage your content across any CMS.

We offer end-to-end RWD development services. Our UX team has already delivered smashing web projects worldwide and will help design a website aligned to your business needs. We offer RWD services using JS Frameworks in the front-end and Java at the backend. Not only can we build a new website from scratch, we can take your existing website and make it responsive. Even if you have an existing mobile site, it still makes sense to go responsive so that you have to manage only one website.

Already started visualizing your website on mobiles and tablets? Realize your vision by partnering with e-Zest. Write to us at info@e-zest.com for more details on our RWD services.

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