Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Microsoft Azure is a great tool for process automation. It simplifies cloud management and automation. Azure optimizes and extends existing investment and skills of integration, orchestration and automation by offering the following features:

  • Optimize and extend existing IT investment and skills by integrating your existing systems with various integration modules. This enables fast integration with other systems.
  • Provides flexible and reliable solutions by orchestration of process workloads as per your need. Enhances service reliability along your many LOBs, departments, systems and tools. This breaks ‘working in silos’.
  • Improves predictability with lower costs: Azure Automation allows you to focus on business critical work that adds value while reducing errors and costs.

Microsoft Azure allows enterprises to simplify cloud management by removing time consuming and recurring tasks, saving you both time and money. It also improves efficiency and reliability as integration with any service is made possible by Windows PowerShell scripts and a highly-available automation engine.

Benefits of Azure Automation:

  • Lowers costs while saving time: You can completely move away from those routine and time consuming cloud management tasks which are often error prone. This gives you more time on work that adds better value to your business. With reduced errors and increased efficiency, Windows Azure can also help you reduce operational costs.
  • Optimizes existing workflows and helps create your own workflows: Azure automation allows you to leverage the existing workflows or design your own workflows. This feature helps you to create, deploy, monitor and maintain Azure resources along with third party applications. Utilize your existing runbooks or create your own, whichever best suits you.
  • Integrate with other services: Azure Automation seamlessly works with websites, VMs, servers, storage, and other popularly used Azure services. It can also be used with any service offering or public internet APIs.
  • Delivers faster and reliable service: Azure efficiently handles systems, tools and departments that allow you to deliver services faster and more efficiently.

e-Zest is a experienced Service Integrator (SI) in Azure and has high-level expertise in Azure Automation Service integration. Our experts will help you with integration, monitoring apps on the cloud, and Azure Cloud Automation Management. Our easy-to-read charts, dashboards and log records make it easier for monitoring consumption, performance and faults largely reducing the time taken for managing your cloud applications.

Our Azure Cloud Automation Services help you resolve any errors in your systems by identifying them faster. Azure cloud solutions by e-Zest also allow you to resume back to your workflows immediately after any kind of unexpected network issues, crashes and errors.

Instead of entirely focusing on infrastructure components to run automation, Azure Automation Services help you focus on the automation processes which can bring you additional business value. By automating and standardizing our common process using automation in Azure, we aim at reducing error-prone manual activities.

e-Zest’s Cloud Automation in Azure works towards simplifying you cloud automation. To know more, contact our Azure experts today at

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