Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

There is no short fall of disasters whether it is man-made or natural – but the latest advancements in cloud have ensured a quick, easy and cost-effective response to such disasters. The current technical advances, much to the benefit of enterprises, have moved Disaster Recovery (DR) previous applied only to critical projects, to something that can be very easily applied to any project.

If you are an enterprise that has always looked at previous cloud-based DR solutions with apprehension, it is time you brace up for the latest advancement in this arena. Microsoft Azure storage and data recovery now enables you to safeguard, replicate, and fail-proof your virtual machines. This increases the flexibility and reliability of your business-critical apps. The efficiency and reliability that comes from this set-up directly impacts the bottom line. Apart from the obvious savings, it also negates the need to invest in a standby datacenter.

e-Zest offers Microsoft Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services that include durable and scalable cloud storage and recovery solutions with backup of any size of data. Microsoft Azure works with your existing infrastructure to cost-effectively boost your business strategy while providing the necessary storage for your cloud applications such as text and data which includes media.

Gain peace of mind with Microsoft Azure storage, backup and recovery management solutions. It offers you following benefits:

  • Durable – Being available worldwide, Windows Azure storage offers enterprises a highly secure and reliable storage solution for various needs. Azure being built with on-going durability applies redundancy of data along your enterprise verticals to enable access to your data in case of a disaster.
  • Scalable – Azure storage is highly scalable for both big and small data sizes. You have the control to choose where to place your data and scale-up across data centers with Azure’s global availability.
  • Cost-effective – With its worldwide presence, Microsoft Azure offers enterprises a cost-effective storage solution. Pay as you use, at a cost which is lower than many on-premise local solutions.
  • Simple and easy – Considering the complexity of previously DR management solution, Microsoft Azure stands out by offering DR as a service with easy setup, configuration and maintenance for enterpises of any size.

Secure your data today with e-Zest’s Azure Disaster Recovery solutions for your storage needs. Contact our Azure experts today at to know more.

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