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Apache Mahout Implementation Services

Making the most of your organzational data

The Apache Mahout project is a set of highly scalable machine learning libraries. Apache Mahout is designed to make business intelligence applications easier and faster, especially in the area of machine learning. Machine learning involves techniques that learn and improve future outcomes based on previous experiences. Businesses are increasingly implementing machine learning algorithms in their applications.

Usually implemented with Hadoop, Apache Mahout provides tools to recognize patterns in Big Data sets. These sets can then be analyzed for valuable insights into your business. With Mahout, enterprises can build highly scalable, intelligent applications that fit the user needs. Broadly, it supports three use cases:

  • Collaborative filtering (or Recommender Engines) – Think recommendations on e-commerce websites. Mahout can mine user behavior and offer recommendations. It can also analyze items in a group (such as a shopping cart) and identify which items usually appear together.
  • Clustering – It organizes items from the similar class into naturally occurring groups or clusters.
  • Classification – Helps assign unclassified items to the best category possible by learning from existing categorizations.

Mahout offers implementation of numerous machine learning algorithms, some in local mode and some in distributed mode (for Hadoop). These algorithms can be invoked with the Mahout command line. With significant capabilities in the use cases mentioned above, it is ideal for enterprises with a need to recommend, cluster, or categorize content at a large scale.

Apart from providing real-time recommendations and grouping similar objects, machine learning finds use cases in many other areas. Financial services firms can use it for fraud detection and risk management. It can also be used for forecasting and collaborative discovery. It can be used by the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and development analysis. It can also be used by retail chains for supply chain management and analytics along with targetted advertisements. No wonder that leading companies such as Twitter, Yahoo!, Adobe, Foursquare, among others are reaping benefits of machine learning by employing Mahout.

So if you are considering this technology for your business, let e-Zest step in. We are early adopters of this technology and are excited with the possibilities this tool offers. We offer Apache Mahout Implementation Services to enterprises worldwide. You can power your application with this amazing tool by roping in e-Zest as your technology partner.

To know more about the possibilities that Apache Mahout offers, write to us at info@e-zest.com.

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