Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework that allows storage and processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity servers. Built for scale, Hadoop enables enterprises to gain insights from large amount of data-sets.

Hadoop’s high level architecture is composed of many modules. These modules give the Hadoop platform the required flexibility by enabling other application frameworks to run on this framework. Hadoop also employs a distributed file system that stores data on commodity hardware and links the numerous file systems into one big file system. Moreover, the framework is now supplemented by other projects such as Apache Pig, Apache Hive, ApacheSpark which further add to the usability of Hadoop.

In this Big Data age, Hadoop is an invaluable platform for businesses. Using Hadoop, enterprises can build scalable, flexible and fault-tolerant solutions at exciting costs. This platform can be deployed onsite or in the cloud, allowing organizations to deploy Hadoop with the help of technology partners and saving them the cost of hardware acquisition. Prominent users of Hadoop include Facebook, Yahoo! and a host of other Fortune 50 companies.

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