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Hadoop Cluster Management with Apache Ambari

Making the most of your organzational data.

Finally you have implemented Hadoop in a production environment and are excited with the opportunities it will bring to your organization. While you wait for that to happen, your clusters will continue to grow in volume, speed and variety with more and more critical application on the platform. Your Hadoop deployment needs to be robust and mature to handle the scale.

This is where Hadoop Cluster Management needs to be a big part of your Big Data agenda. The best technologies ensure high availability, security, performance, workload management, governance and backup and recovery across nodes. A great tool which offers robust cluster management capabilities is Apache Ambari.


Image Credit: Hortonworks

Ambari is a great tool to monitor and manage complex distributed systems such as Hadoop. It collects information from cluster nodes and offers them to you through a user-friendly interface known as Ambari Web. It is supported by RESTful APIs. Using this web-based tool, you can provision, monitor and manage your Hadoop clusters. Ambari supports many Hadoop components such as MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, HBase and Pig among others.

Ambari offers the following advantages:-

  • Easy cluster provisioning
  • Simplified insights into health of Hadoop core
  • Better view of performance through visualization and analysis
  • RESTful API allows for integrating with other operational tools
  • User friendly interface
  • Supports Hadoop security

e-Zest helps set up Hadoop Cluster Management with Apache Ambari. Our engineers boast of immense understanding of Ambari and offer a quick implementation timeline. Moreover, e-Zest is a Hortonworks Hadoop partner. This partnership gives you the best solutions to enable Hadoop in a modern data architecture.

To know more, mail us at info@e-zest.com.

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