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Cortana Analytics Implementation Services

Decisions based on numbers, not hunches

Big Data is enabling ‘big’ things in organizations worldwide. The insights generated by the huge amount of data sources are creating a transformative impact across sectors as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and retail, among others. To make this data work for you, you need a platform which brings you to end-to-end data management and analytics capabilities. Enter Cortana Analytics.

Cortana-Analytics-Suite.pngPhoto Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s very own Cortana Analytics is a fully managed big data and analytics suite that helps you leverage insights from your business data. The suite can be used for data storage & processing in the cloud, information management, machine learning, dashboards & visualizations along with preconfigured solution.

Cortana Analytics offers the following benefits:

  • Advanced Analytics – Cortana Analytics moves beyond descriptive analytics to more advanced predictive analytics. It is equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms which simplifies and improves your decision making process.
  • Perceptual Intelligence – The suite offers newer ways to interact with customers. It helps you add features such as face detection, speech recognition and sentiment analysis to take better and faster actions.
  • Fast and flexible – You can get started with the suite quickly thanks to industry specific solutions. Your organization can implement Cortana Analytics to tackle data of any volume, velocity and variety, whether on the cloud or on-premise. Moreover, it helps you to work with familiar frameworks and languages such as Hadoop, Python and R.
  • Scalable, secure – With Cortana Analytics, you have the flexibility to scale with your growing business needs. This scalability comes with the added comfort of security through trusted cloud platform which is built with features such as encrypted communications and threat management. It also adheres to a broad set of compliance standards such as ISO 27001 and HIPAA, among others.
  • Digital Assistant – The suite is integrated with Cortana, which is your very own personal digital assistant. It offers assistance by intelligently learning about your unique business needs. Cortana also suggests useful actions and insights.

e-Zest is helping create intelligent enterprises around the world. Our Big Data practice uses the most advanced technologies to deliver technology solutions that pave the way for digital transformation your organization. We have been early adopters of Cortana Analytics suite and have a team which is geared to work on this platform. Stay ahead of your competition with e-Zest’s Cortana Analytics Implementation Services.

To get started with Cortana Analytics, you just need to drop a mail to info@e-zest.com.

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