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Data Lake Setup Services

Making the most of your organzational data

Businesses are gung-ho with the possibilities that lie hidden in Big Data. After all, behind those large chunks of numbers lay hidden insights that have the potential to skyrocket them to greater heights. To unlock this potential however, you need the right technologies to process and analyze this data. Moreover, this has to be done without any loss or altering data.

Traditionally, organizations employed RDBMS databases and NoSQL storage systems to manage this data. This approach requires the data to be converted into a specific format before being used. The Data Lake approach fills this void. It allows data to exist in the same format as the source without any loss of data.


Essentially, a data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed. Organizations across industries are starting to extract and place data for analytics into Data lakes (such as a Hadoop-based repository) without first transforming the data the way they would need to for a relational data warehouse. Data lakes are implemented using Hadoop and NoSQL family of Databases.

e-Zest helps you implement data lake through a range of Big Data technologies that can hold the data in any form securely. For example, MapReduce can be used to load data into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

The Data Lake approach offers a lot of advantages to your business:-

  • All your business data can be consolidated at one place. This is not possible with the traditional data warehouse approach.
  • As mentioned earlier, there is no data loss in the Data Lake approach.
  • Since the storage of data takes place in its raw format, it offers schema-less storage.
  • It allows you to defer labor-intensive schema development and data cleanup until you identify a clear business need.
  • It offers significant cost savings. In fact, Hadoop can be 10 to 100 times less expensive to deploy than conventional data warehouses.
  • More suitable for less-structured data.

Make use of e-Zest’s Data Lake Setup Services today to bring more order to your data. Our skilled Big Data team can help accelerate this process thanks to their knowledge and experience with the technologies involved in Data Lake Setup.

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