Data can be extremely valuable if the insights are available in real-time. Real-time analytics can now be extracted easily with Apache Storm which is a free, open-source and distributed real-time computation system. It is perfect for processing large chunks of high-velocity data. Moreover, it can also be implemented with any programming language.

With Apache Storm implementation, businesses can benefit in myriad ways. Apache Storm can be used in real-time analytics, machine learning, continuous monitoring of operations and other areas. Storm is extremely fast. Its speed is benchmarked at an impressive million tuples processed per second per node on a modest sized cluster. It is also built to scale and is fault-tolerant.

Storm can be implemented easily with your existing database technologies. While it does natively run on Hadoop, it can be added to Hadoop enabling real-time data processing capabilities in Hadoop.

With Apache Storm businesses can improve their customer service, data monetization, and build operational dashboards and threat detection measures. You know you can trust Storm when companies such as Twitter, Flipboard, Spotify and Groupon among others are using it successfully in their businesses.

And we at e-Zest love Apache Storm. We offer Apache Storm Implementation Services for your business. Our clients often ask us for fast, real-time data processing for their Big Data apps. What better tool than Apache Storm for all your real-time data processing needs!

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