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How to find right IT company to work for?

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When the time comes to decide which company you would like to work in, you would most likely be interested in working for the best or the biggest. Unfortunately the best or the biggest may not necessarily be the Right company for you. While choosing a company there are a number of factors to consider.

Are all IT companies created equal? Does size really matter? Are you looking for stability or dynamism? Is the only difference between companies based on whether they are experts in .NET or Java, whether they are Indian or MNC, whether they are large company or small company? Do you look for certifications or the real truth?

With so many things to think of how does one find the right IT company to work for? Here’s a layman’s guide on how to analyze an IT company as a candidate.

Like with any match making exercise the key focus should be on looking at the right variables for the company and knowing what’s important to you. Let’s start by understanding the IT company landscape and how different companies stack up!


Note that the classification of companies, culture and person are not water tight compartments. They are simply a way of analyzing and tools that assist you in making your decision. Also the intent is not to stereo type different types of companies. Many large companies are quite innovative and also many small companies may have good processes and financial stability.

Also note that even within large companies there may be pockets of innovative cells and vice versa in small or constantly innovative companies there may be pockets of areas where the work is quite structured.

The whole idea is to have a perspective that starts with understanding your own preferences and needs and then spend the time to understand the company and job profile before taking the plunge.

Happy growth!

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