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Big Data Solutions for HR

Making the most of your organzational data

Big Data is making its presence felt across the Human Resources (HR) function and is improving lives of HR professionals. It is helping businesses make informed business decisions on talent acquisition which in turn is helping them drive productivity in their organization. Big Data is helping create happy workplaces around the world.

Many organizations are now rapidly embracing Big Data for all their critical functions. HR and talent analytics is increasingly become one of the top areas for IT spending. Using Big Data, HR managers can increase productivity, workplace satisfaction and indirectly drive revenues for the business.

HR professionals can use Big Data for:

  1. Analyzing behaviour – Big Data helps HR departments understand the workforce and workplace behavior. These insights can be used for employee motivation and increasing engagement. It can also help employers to evaluate performances of individual employees which can be in the performance appraisal process. Big Data can guide employees towards improved interactions which can keep them happier at work.
  2. Preventing attrition – Preventing attrition is a big challenge for HR professionals. Big Data can help you understand the reasons behind people staying or leaving the company. Various tools such as surveys, exit interviews and other assessments can help you gather rich data on the subject. You can leverage this information to institute policies which help in retaining the best talent.
  3. Hiring better talent – One of the primary responsibility for Big Data professionals is to get the best professionals on board. Do not just depend on old-fashioned resumes and interviews to acquire talent, Strategic use of data can help you find the best fit for your organization.
  4. Effectively training employees – Many organizations conduct employee training initiatives but not many understand the effectiveness of such programs. Through data on training program participation and the outcomes, you ca easily see whether these programs are making a difference to the employees of your organization.

If you want to digitally transform your HR function, you are at the right place. Whether its building talent analytics software or even more advanced programs such as integration with wearables, e-Zest delivers Big Data solutions for HR needs. Our range of consultants break down your business problem and help you approach the problem with easy-to-understand technology solutions.

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