Today, enormous amount of data is being generated by consumers. This is generating a lot of opportunities for businesses. In fact, new businesses have sprung up around storing, managing and processing this data. This data delivers valuable business insights which can pave the way forward for organizations.

This explosion of Big Data has a profound impact on marketing as well. It is fundamentally changing the way marketing teams function. The new-breed of marketers have to be data-savvy in order to succeed in the current business ecosystem. Data helps marketing professionals to validate their advertising and campaign spends. Moreover, predictive analytics can help you get accurate insights into the future behavior of customers which can be used for targeted campaigns.

Traditional marketing campaigns measured returns on relied on direct mails and newsletter subscribers. Digital-age marketing helps you learn more about your user: their behavior, time spent on website, purchasing history, clickstream analysis and other parts in your customer decision journey.

Marketers can utilize Big Data in the following ways:

  • Using marketing analytics to measure and improve their marketing efforts
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Personalized offerings to buyers
  • Real-time data visualization to change strategies on-the-go
  • Employ predictive analytics to generate leads
  • Check the efficiency of various digital channels

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