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Big Data Solutions for e-Learning

Enabling businesses to deliver the best learning experiences by making the most of your organisational data

Many experts are heralding Big Data as the future of e-learning. With e-learning increasingly becoming mainstream, educational organizations are increasingly finding newer ways to maximize its impact. While traditionally the education sector has had lots of data flying around, advancements in technology have made data analysis extremely easy.

Each day, as learners around the world take their courses, tons of data gets generated. Personal information, scores, learning material – all contribute towards the Big Data wave. It is revolutionizing the way e-learning is developed and delivered across the world. Using Big Data, you can deliver customized and adaptive programs which make for more effective learning.

Big Data offers advantages to both sides of the education process – learners as well as educators. Both parties can significantly benefit from the insights generated by data. For educators, data helps them design more efficient learning programs and deliver courses more attuned to student needs. By analyzing historical patterns, students can also decide on the career paths most suitable for them.

Broadly, Big Data can impact e-learning in the following ways:

  1. Customized programs – Big Data can reveal rich insights about the learners’ capabilities when it comes to content and its delivery. It leads to a more engaged classroom.
  2. Design strategies – With data, you can determine the strategies which fit particular needs. This gives organizations a richer understanding of this space and deliver efficient strategies. As a result, better learning outcomes are generated.
  3. Guide individual students – With Big Data, educators can move away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They can use insights gained about individual students and design tailor-made objectives for their individual needs. This can also be used for delivering better feedback and improve the learning process.

Investing in Big Data promises a healthy ROI for businesses. However, you need to move ahead with the right technology partner. That’s where e-Zest steps in to help you out. You can bank on our technology skills along with extensive experience in this domain. We make sure that our Big Data solutions deliver a completive edge to your organization over other companies in this space. Moreover, we have designed our very own SCORM Offline Player which is revolutionizing the e-learning space.

Drop us a mail info@e-zest.com to learn more about our Big Data Solutions for e-learning.

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