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Information Architecture Services

Driving home the advantage with UX

A typical user experience heavily relies on Information Architecture. An IA that is cohesive helps in bringing together principles of design and architecture. e-Zest’s expert UI Services team organizes and categorizes information into a coherent structure. Our well defined Information Architecture Process successfully aligns user goals and business goals and also the usability of the product. e-Zest’s UX team map out block level diagrams, storyboards, depicting the various stages in Information Architecture that help channelize the entire process in order to gain a deeper insight and perspective into the actual client requirements.

Even if not all about Information Architecture can be summed up in short, the following process followed by the team at e-Zest can explain the crux and importance of Information Architecture Process.

Card Sorting:

  • Open card sorting

 This method typically gives the users the phrases and asks them to group them into logical categories while assigning a name to each of them. This process of Information Architecture helps in grouping and navigation

  •  Closed Card Sorting:

This process involves giving the users the cards, after which they are asked to distribute them into pre-defined groups. This process helps in data management and cross linking

Thus all the above steps involved at each stage of User Centered Design Process at e-Zest finally aim at employing usability of the product.

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