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Interface Design Services

Driving home the advantage with UX

Interface Design necessarily gives the true life to a product. Categorizing functionality, Interface Design eases and puts method and meticulousness to design. From a user’s point of view it creates a clear map for seamless usability and operation, whereas for product engineers it helps create an accurate model of every feature, action and tasks. For visual designers, Interface Design process produces skeleton drafts that help them create compelling, aesthetically appealing and a super user interfaces.

Interface Design process at e-Zest necessarily involves preparing skeleton diagrams and wireframes of the required designs. This stage is the beginning of the actual sketches, scribbles and rough drafts so as to decide a primary direction of the designs.

The actual process can be summed up as follows:

Use Cases:

  • The design team analyzes how exactly a user may use or give a certain input and how a particular designed system may respond to a particular input

Parallel Design:

  • Based on the above use cases it is then the turn of the designers to come up with individual designs
  • From the given pool of ideas and after several brain-storming sessions, a few final select designs that fit in to the required criteria are further worked upon for improvisation
  • The managers or team lead then select the best design to be finally crafted into the desired product

Prototyping Process:

  • It is here that the best methods are employed to check the designs and make the necessary improvements
  • Paper based prototypes are prepared which are faster and easy to represent to the team, after which those prototypes that are highly functional and involve stunning visuals are worked upon
  • After successful completion of these stages, our team then involves the coders to make the process concrete

Thus several revisions, testing and scientific process implementation makes for the best UX Design Servicesthat deliver outstanding work in the stipulated amount of time. Thus e-Zest’s experienced and versatile team of designers gives you carefully crafted UX Designs emerging out of a strong and robust foundation of Interface Design process.

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