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Client who is a US state licensing organization covers practices related to building architecture, plans and had issues pertaining to licenses to individuals to conduct business in the area of architecture. Licenses are valid for a year and have to be renewed every year for a fee. Their existing online licensing system took too long to handle and execute these scenarios. The client sought e-Zest’s help in fixing this issue.

Here's how e-zest helped the client overcome the challenges of their existing online licensing system:

  • Design and re-engineer the application with missing features
  • Testing and Installation of the Application which has two different modules.
  • Modules II allows licensing of firms.
  • Module III allows managing of applicants in same manner.
  • All components designed with maximum re-usability in mind, as most of the modules were repetitive in nature.
  • The System is robust and reliable since it deals with critical information related to licenses.
  • The system developed by e-Zest is online from Jan 2002 and successfully handling transactions of thousands of licensees.

Technologies Used:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000/NT
  • Development Environment: Microsoft Active Server Pages, InterDev

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