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This Canada based manufacturer of automobile parts for pickup and semi-trucks partnered with e-Zest to replace their existing ERP system which was getting technologically outdated and extremely slow in performance and didn’t fit into client’s business processes very well. Customers are primarily truck dealers across United States and Canada.

The Project scope was to achieve a rollover to a fully integrated custom developed ERP system that is crafted with client’s business processes in mind.

Here's how e-Zest helped them fulfill this vision:

  • e-Zest played an active role in defining and refining business strategies and business processes for the client, providing overall IT consultation in terms of scoping, prioritization, IT infrastructure and software engineering practices.
  • The new solution was integrated closely with other custom developed or third party solutions like client’s website.
  • The primary technology stack uses enterprise scale architecture patterns proprietary to e-Zest called Enterprise-Oriented Paradigm (EOP).
  • EOP uses java and allied technologies, and cleanly separates user interface and business logic as independent components.
  • In a typical enterprise application integration scenario, this enables use of different user interface technologies for different business needs.
  • New customized ERP solution delivered by e-Zest served as a central IT System for the client using scalable technologies. Considering its enterprise wide scope, it is developed using multiple components that use different technologies.

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