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Client is one of the leading providers of e-learning solutions, products and supporting tools to clients in legal, defense, government, healthcare, retail and pharmaceutical sectors in the UK.

The client desired to migrate their existing product from VB6 to a better platform as the product lagged in efficiency.

Here's how e-Zest migrated the client’s interactive tutorial developer product from VB6 to a more efficient platform while making the product more user-friendly, compact, and time-saving than the existing version:

  • After assessment we decided to migrate the product to .NET to adapt their product line with technological evolution and to make the product more intuitive.
  • Assessment was performed to determine reusability of internal components and restructure the overall application framework using 3-tier .NET architecture.
  • With UI improvisations and reusable components, the rest of the application was migrated using a well defined software development lifecycle.
  • e-Zest's well thought out and optimal migration strategy addressed clients concerns in older version of the product, also providing the right platform to maintain their product in the future.


  • Microsoft.NET

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