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This non-profit organization is committed to work towards the welfare and upliftment of the societies and citizens of affected regions to ensure timely response system. They consistently work towards facilitating information to the country coordinators and global leaders of these affected areas to enable timely response.

The information was currently distributed between two systems and not always updated making it extremely difficult to take timely actions. The need of the hour was to build a unified platform for information sharing and for auditing the information received from various countries to maintain updated data accessible from a single application.

The purpose was to support the geographies impacted and to make the information in the site highly streamlined, unified, and easily accessible for members and country coordinators to provide their country information to enable timely response.

Here's how e-Zest helped them by developing the unified site that meets all their objectives:

  • e-Zest created an application portal creating a unified site for accessing information coming from various countries and users thought a single application simplifying the information sharing process.
  • The application was created keeping in alignment with the client's organizational processes and response system by defining implementing automated workflows and role based access for various users.
  • Integration of various key functionalities like track changes, report generation and comments enabled easy collaboration which was crucial for having an efficient response system.

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